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        GS7 organizes the CMT production of any kind of apparel.

        We have fifteen years of experience in organizing the production, finishing and export of all kinds of garments. The company has a vast network of partner factories, covering any orders in any quantities and any type of clothing.

        We execute orders for ladies’, men’s and kids’ apparel without any limitation in design, fabrics or accessories.

        The basic principle in our work is a constant and highly-qualified control during the whole production process from the beginning to the very end.

        We realize the entire production of any given model:

      • creation of the main pattern

      • grading

      • sewing sample series

      • production

        For larger quantities orders we work as a platform for organizing and controlling the production of ladies’ apparel CMT, mainly of textile and jersey.

        We work together with big enterprises in Bulgaria and are able to work at the following capacity:

      • Ladies’ pants – 40,000 pairs per month

      • Ladies shirts’ (jersey) – 100,000 pieces per month

      • Ladies shirts’ (textile) – 50,000 pieces per month


        All companies have CAD-CAM systems, automated cutting and special sewing machinery at their disposal, such as:

      • belt machines

      • automatic patch-pocket machines

      • automatic fold-making machines

      • automatic overlock machines

      • sleeve-attaching machines

      • steam mannequins

      • special ironing tables and presses for various products, etc.


        We create prototypes, samples and multiple patterns.

        Our company produces items with various kinds of decoration, e.g. stones, sublimations and different types of prints.

The overview of the whole process and the final quality control of the products are carried out by professionals with extensive experience in the production of different types of garments.