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We are Apparel manufacturer and develop collections of garments from different fabrics and textile. This includes clothing from certified hemp and organic cotton fabrics, holding GOTS certification.

The process encompasses the following steps:

  • Preparazione dei cartamodelli di base
  • Sviluppo taglie
  • Prototipia dei capi e campionature 
  • Organizzazione e controllo del ciclo produttivo di piccole e grandi serie.

Per ordini di 750 pezzi e più per stile possiamo reperire tessuti.


Located in Europe

          Our headquarters are located in Bulgaria (European Union member), and we have offices in several European countries, as well as in the U.S., we are with an orientation towards designers and brands who require garments of outstanding quality and elaborated with utmost precision. Our team has over 20 years of experience and production is done on advanced sewing machines and equipment delivering a feat of technological excellence and luxury finish.

        We are well equipped to meet any special needs, requirements or demands you might have for apparel manufacturer in Europe.

GS7 Co.
14 gen. Kyurkchiev Str.
Plovdiv 4002, BULGARIA
VAT BG201216362

The Story

 Every business has a story, here is ours…
The name GS7 consists of the first letters of our names Gergana Memova and Stoil Panev. The number 7 came quite logically after the seven months of preparation for the launch of this project. 🙂
7 also is another symbol that is important to us, it is the number of the earth and we have a special relationship with the earth, the climate and limited resources.
We believe that in order to create a successful business, you need persistence, trust, professionalism, patience and a common direction, qualities which we both possess. We are experts in two different fields: I have many years of experience in making women’s clothing and casual men’s clothing, as well as organizing and controlling the entire creation and production process. Stoil is a financial and business professional. He specialized in Canada, where he gained a global view on how to do business.
The unique thing about us is that we have personally gone through all the positions in our company, which gives an invaluable insight into the way the whole process should be structured. And since our scale is large and we work with many subcontractors, we needed a comprehensive control system that was created specifically for our business. After quite a few studies and attempts, we came to the conclusion that only we could create it. 🙂
For us, of course, the most important thing is the client and his/her needs! But no less important are our employees, all partners, suppliers and collaborators. That is why we started with the working conditions of our employees, financial and domestic.
We have defined strict criteria for the work conditions of our employees and subcontractors. These include pay, place to rest and eat, light levels at the working premises, indoor air pollution, noise level and temperature.
We create a file for each client, specifying every detail from the design of the first sample to the shipment of the finished product, personalized for each order.
We control the costs of fabric and trimmings to achieve the most efficient result.
We have mid-operational and final control which monitors compliance with technological consistency and quality and performance.
We have described all this in detail in our internal regulations with our own “stamp” for quality.

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With this, we give a guarantee to our clients and to ourselves that the product has passed through expert control and all norms and working conditions have been complied with our Code of Conduct.

Stoil Panev Master Of Business Administration

Stoil Panev

MBA, Major in Finance
Schulich School of Business

Gergana Memova Technologist Organizer Clothing

Gergana Memova

Industrial Engineer
in Garment Manufacturing

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